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360 feedback

It is recommended that all managers gather 360 degree feedback once a year in order to inform their Maximising Performance discussions with their manager.

Our easy form is one way to capture advice from the people you work with – colleagues, partners and perhaps most importantly, the people you manage.

The ideal number is between four and eight depending on your role. This could include your line manager who will also be able to make a contribution when you discuss the rest of the feedback with them. You should pick a range of people who have seen you in different settings.

How to go about it

The recommended way to gather your feedback is to send the form to your proposed respondents asking them to think about specific examples of work that you have done with them. It's helpful if you also send them the capabilities summary document. The responses will not be anonymous and the advantage of this is that you can have follow up conversations to explore their feedback more fully.

An alternative approach if there is a concern about the need for anonymity is to ask people to type their responses and send a paper copy back.

In some instances it might be appropriate for your line manager or a third party to receive the responses in order to ensure anonymity.

Giving feedback

If you are asked to give feedback think about examples of how the person works with you. The feedback needs to be:

Honest: Feedback needs to be honest and this includes being factual and non-judgemental. Avoid emotional language and critical words that could lead to defensiveness.

Specific: Describe the specific aspect of how the person has acted together with its impact. E.g. By sending me the weekly update email I have felt included and respected as a team member.

Constructive: Think about what you would actually say to someone face to face to help them to change their behaviour. The ideal outcome is that the person is able to learn from your feedback and feel clear about what they can put into practice.


360 feedback form

Download the 360 feedback form to get thoughts from peers and colleagues about your strenghts and development areas.