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BOOK NOW ****New Prepare Prevent and Manage Covid19 in care homes virtual training***(Provided by Sussex NHS Commissioners)

New Prepare Prevent and Manage Covid19 in care homes virtual training.

This training is for any team or individual supporting care across Sussex, i.e. Care Homes, Domiciliary, Learning Disabilities etc.

This training session is aimed at giving you an overview of information on how to Prepare, Prevent and Manage your client's health and well-being during the COVID19 pandemic​.

The training covers best practice tips and information to support you to continue to deliver safe, great care at this time.

Included in the training:

PREPARE: Learn about the signs and symptoms of COVID19 - Best practice guide to prepare your team and environment 

PREVENT: Best practice tips to preventing an outbreak in your home

Preventing an outbreak: Good infection prevention and best practice principles

Soft signs of deterioration: How you can spot the soft signs of deterioration ​

Delirium : Signs, symptoms and causes of delirium ​

Covid19 and Dementia in care homes Practical Steps 

MANAGE: Best Practice tips to manage an outbreak in your home​

Restore 2: Sign posting to nationally recognised documentation when taking a full set of vital signs​

How to take a saturation level using a Pulse Oximeter​

How to take a temperature​

Restore Mini: How to escalate effectively with softer signs and some vital signs 

The information in this training package is not intended to substitute or replace any national guidance or local policy directives that are currently in place.

We have taken every care to create content for this training and ensure it is accurate. However, the material is intended to only provide general information and is not intended to be regarded as a substitute for medical advice, which you would normally receive from a GP or any other medical professional.   If you are concerned about a person’s health please contact 111 or the relevant medical professional. 

To join the training please click on the link below where you will receive the link to join the training session. The first session is from Friday 26th June 2020 at 14.00





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