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Challenge the status quo

Always looking for opportunities to further improve.


To help support the EPIC behaviours, we have collated some useful online resources below. If you would like to recommend anything then please get in touch with us on orbis@eastsussex.gov.uk

                         Consider what could happen before deciding what should happen ♦ Be curious and have courage.

                         Build on existing knowledge, experiences and practices to find an even better way.

                         Be prepared to try new things ♦ Reflect on own experiences and learning for continuous improvement.  

                         Take responsible risks ♦ Challenge and be open to challenge ♦ Give, receive and act upon feedback. 

                         Discover new ways of doing things, ♦ Ask 'why not?' and 'what if?' - challenge the norm.


  • Who moved my cheese? An animated book summary of Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson
  • Got a meeting? Take a walk Nilofer Merchant suggests a small idea that just might have a big impact on your life and health: Next time you have a one-on-one meeting, make it into a "walking meeting" — and let ideas flow while you walk and talk
  • The genius of frugal innovation Human creativity is a natural, infinitely renewable resource — and it’s coming up with smart, cheap solutions to people’s biggest problems. Strategist Navi Radjou explains in this article