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Compassionate leadership

The psychological and physiological impact of the significant changes that the workplace has been through should not be underestimated. Even team members who seem to have adjusted well and have shown high levels of resilience will have times when their motivation, mood, and productivity hit low points.

It is now more important than ever to be a compassionate leader. This is described as being sensitive to the well-being of others and to your own personal feelings of distress. Notice any changes in behaviour that might indicate when things are not going well. Remember the Time to Talk message of always asking twice. Accept and validate the person’s experience, show empathy, and take appropriate action.


The remote working arrangements that have been set up since COVID-19 are exceptional, leaders cannot be expected to have all the answers or to manage everything. You also need to look after your own resilience and take time to reflect on what has worked well through this time and what you’d like to change. This is a great time for you to access the coaching service.