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Equality & Diversity

East Sussex County Council recognises the diverse needs of our community and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and diversity in employment and service delivery.

We will challenge discrimination and encourage respect, understanding and dignity for everyone living, working and visiting East Sussex. We will do this through our influence in the community, strategic planning and policy formation in employment and service delivery and through all our other day to day work.

There are a number of courses available to employees of the Council to assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities in this area and we are continuously developing more learning resources. If there is anything that you would like to see then please get in touch with corporate.training@eastsussex.gov.uk


Equality & Diversity eLearning in this course we’ll give you examples of how to behave in a way that reflects equality and diversity practice. We don’t expect you to memorise any legislation, but it helps if you are aware of some of the key points that impact on our services. This training is to set you on the right path to understanding how you can make a difference.

Unconscious Bias eLearning this course is different to most unconscious bias e-learning modules. We’re not going to pretend that after 30 minutes of e-learning and clicking through scenario slides – you are going to be magically cured of your unconscious biases. No, instead, we want to take you on a kind of unconscious bias journey. We’ll provide you with some actionable advice and take away challenges that can help to combat unconscious biases where you work. We really hope you enjoy discovering how your brain works.

Racial, National and Ethnic Equality eLearning Race Equality is an increasingly important issue for East Sussex County Council. The aim of this module is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to continue to do your job to the highest standards. You’ll work through real-life scenarios and learn about your rights and responsibilities in the area of diversity.

Trans Awareness Foundation Module eLearning The aims of this e-learning course are to help you understand some of the terms surrounding trans awareness, recognise the difference between sexuality and gender identity. You will understand the bigotry and discrimination facing trans people, examine how it might feel to be trans and explore the misinformation and misconceptions about trans people.

The Social Model of Disability v2 eLearning This eLearning module will give you an understanding of the historical context of disability equality, explore the social and medical models of disability and how these relate to practice. you will consider good practice approaches to disabled people's participation, and gain knowledge of relevant legislation.

Neurodiversity in the workplace eLearning This external course from Genius Within provides easy to implement suggestions on how to best help neurodiverse staff and colleagues to flourish in the workplace, and is useful for everyone.

The link within the course opens up elearning courses covering the topics

  • Neurodiversity in the workplace
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Tourette's Syndrome

Note: This course contains videos - as it is an external course it will not mark as complete within the ESCC learning portal, nor can it provide a learning portal completion certificate. 


Equality & Diversity and Equality & Diversity for Managers courses It is the responsibility of all to act and lead by example in ways that support equality and diversity.  Successful organisations are the ones that reflect the richness of diversity in their workforce that exists in their local community. To be successful an organisation must first look to and understand its organisational culture. These face to face courses will explore that culture, one module from a managers' perspective and the other module is suitable for all staff.