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Governance Reviews - Evaluating Effectiveness

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Supporting evaluation

We have developed a range of governance self-reviews and facilitated reviews to empower governors to assess the Governing Board's effectiveness and meet the expectations set by the Department for Education and inspected by Ofsted.  

Governance reviews currently available 

Facilitated Governing Board Self Evaluation Review

  • Two hour facilitated session used to support the Governing Board in completing a Self-Evaluation Audit Toolkit

Governing board procedural review

  • Facilitated review for chair of governors and clerk to review and produce an action plan to ensure governing board compliance 

External review of governance

ERG - One session review - A two hour facilitated review

A lead consultant will review the schools data prepare the session with the Chair of Governors and facilitate a two hour session to review the effectiveness of governance. A report of recommendation will aid governors in the development a Governing Board Development Plan

ERG - Two session review and action planning

A single session review followed by a second session reflecting on the recommendation report and developing a Governing Board Action Plan

ERG - Three session reveiw, action plan and follow up

A review and action planning session followed by a third session reflecting on the progress made against the Governing Board Action Plan

Governing board self evaluation tools 

Governing Boards will be inspected on their approach to monitoring effectiveness as part of the current Ofsted School Inspection Framework.

We recommend that governing boards take a pro-active approach by completing an annual self review of governance and create a governing board development plan as a stand alone document or that forms part of the school development plan.  An annual review ensures you are working at the minimum level expected and can demonstrate a culture of self review and continuous improvement in governance.

The Governor and Clerking Service have developed a self evaluation audit tool available to those who have subscribed to an annual package of support.