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Governing Board Development

Whole governing board (WGB) development sessions are available where a governing board would like support in addressing a particular initiative or concern.  

This is the most effective way to make sure that all governors share in training and hear the same message.  

Standard sessions

School-based two hour sessions for all governors of the board, including the headteacher, offer training, consultancy advice or facilitation according to the particular needs of the individual school. 

Based on one of the range of topics the assigned trainer will, through discussion with the chair of governors, customise the sessions to meet the specific needs of the governing board.

"Bite size" sessions 

School-based one hour session designed to be delivered in advance of a pre-arranged Full Governing Board meeting to reduce the demand on the time of governors.

Sessions for all governors of the board, including the headteacher, offer an insight into specific aspects of school governance, highlighting key elements that governors and the governing board should focus on to ensure effective governance and maximise governor time. 

To book a course

To discuss your requirements and book a WGB Development course contact the team

Course charges

  • Standard session  -  £370 per two hour session   

    • WGB Development cluster sessions -  Cost is split across all schools involved plus an additional £20 administration charge per school.

  • "Bite Size" session - £270 per one hour session

Alternative models of governance  

  • Consider strategic direction and succession planning to help consider and better understand alternative models of governance through informal partnerships, federation or Multi Academy Trust status.

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Asking strategic questions

  • Good governance is getting the balance right between challenge and support. Support is easy; challenge more difficult. This course will equip governors with both skills and knowledge.  You will explore different types of questions and example data from the Governors Essential Data Pack to develop strategic questioning skills, leading to a greater understanding of pupil progress and standards achieved in your school.
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Governors and headteachers working together

  • Facilitated support session to assist headteachers and governing bodies to fully understand their respective responsibilities and to consider how they can support each other to fulfil their roles through exploring the relationship and challenges associated and finding the correct balance between school governance and school management. The course also recognises the levers of school improvement that governors should be using.
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Governor School Visits

  • Governors need to take every opportunity available to them to gain a better understanding of how their school works. This course offers advice on how to develop a governor visits programme that links with your school improvement plan priorities and guidance on sharing the outcomes with the governing body.

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Understanding and using performance data

  • Guidance on interpreting school information to help evaluate a school’s strengths and weaknesses, measure successes and decide a direction for making improvements.

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Effective structure and succession planning  

  • A two hour facilitated session to review the governing board constitution and structure to help consider alternative or support existing, constitutions / schemes of delegation, committee structure and governor working groups that will assist with maximising governor time and help reduce governor workload whilst the chair of governor succession planning assists in "finding a chair from within."

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Partnership, Federation and Academy Visioning 

  • For groups of schools considering partnership or federation.  Explore in finer detail all the aspects that governors must consider when considering /planning a partnership or federation

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  • This course is a mixture of presentation, case study and group discussion to update governors on recent guidance, child protection procedures and on the changing responsibilities of staff and governing boards.

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Being prepared for Ofsted

  • Don't wait for Ofsted to say they are coming.  Make sure your governing body is always prepared.  This session will guide governors through the inspection process and ensure they know what to expect.  Using the school's own self-evaluation the governing body will gain experience by engaging with self-evaluation which will be the foundation for a successful inspection. 

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