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IT and Systems Training

Training is available for:

  • LCS, EHM, SingleView, Groupwork (Liquidlogic) - new starters, refreshers, updates, team specific processes
  • eCasefile/scanning
  • Laptops, hybrids, smartphones
  • OneNote, Skype
  • Intranet
  • Dragon/Jaws
  • SharePoint


Microsoft courses are provided by the Corporate Training Team -  book using the East Sussex Learning Portal.

Any issues regarding operational matters need to be directed to your manager.


How can I contact the IT training team?

Liquidlogic Support
All Liquidlogic guidance is published on the intranet, however if you need training or support with Liquidlogic products, raise a new request using the IT&D Portal on your desktop:

  • Select the Applications and Software subheading
  • then Liquidlogic, eCasefile
  • Complete the Liquidlogic Guidance form

 For all other systems and device support e-mail IT Training and Support