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An EPIC Orbis Induction

Whether your staff member is recruited internally or externally, it’s imperative to give an induction to enable quick integration into the team and make the new staff member feel welcomed.

When a start date is agreed, send the Orbis Welcome Letter.

Consider including additional material. The welcome letter invites the new employee to an informal meeting before the start date. Depending on the response, you will need to set this up to take place in the office or via telephone.

Use the list below and populate the Induction Schedule

Involve the induction buddy and team to create the schedule. E-mail this before the start date or alternatively hand it to the new staff member on their first day.

The induction presentation for line managers gives an overview of why and how to use these induction tools.

If necessary, be sure to delegate responsibility for welcoming and inducting a new employee.

You can find below or download the Line Manager’s Preparation checklist


Introduction to reflective practice

Journal writing can be of use across any discipline and can benefit any situation in which someone is trying continuously build on and practically apply learning.