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Locum Clerking

Governor and Clerking Services (GCS) provide locum clerk cover, at the request of Governing Boards (GB), for schools where they have a vacant position or the clerk is unable to attend a meeting.  When locum clerking is requested by a governing board GCS provide a matchmaking service with one of our bank of locum clerks through a traded offer service that schools buy from East Sussex County Council (ESCC).

Locum clerking requests may be to provide cover for governing board meetings, including panel meetings, such as exclusions and complaint panels.  GBs may also request locum cover to support the GB with administrative processes and these should be discussed when locum cover is requested.

GCS will endeavour to provide locum cover for all requests.  However on some occasions, due to timing of request, location of school and availability of locum clerks, cover is not guaranteed. 

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Please provide the following information:

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  • Type of meeting - e.g. Full Governing Board / Committee