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Maintaining trust and performance

Managing virtual teams is more effective when team members feel empowered to resolve problems and make decisions. Your coaching skills have never been so important!

A key aspect of this approach is to manage by objectives where you put the emphasis on goal setting, participation, and feedback about how they have completed the task. Evidence shows that focusing on these areas in your management approach is likely to drive high levels of motivation, performance and job satisfaction, as well as reduce stress.

To be effective though the quality of the goal setting is very important. People need to have a clear understanding of what effective work completion looks like, so be careful not to make assumptions that they have understood what you meant. Without the casual chat in the office they may not have the opportunity to clarify their roles and expectations with you.

When you are giving feedback keep it frequent, concrete and timely. Use the Maximising Performance process to ensure you structure your one to one conversations in a way that is constructive, as well as supportive.  

Think about how you can recognise and reward your staff. Thank them by email or in person for being adjustable and for responding in a productive way to the changes. Talk as a team about what is going well and use humour where you can, as it has been shown to increase team performance, and mitigate stress.

You may want to consider:

  • What contributes to you having trust in your staff?
  • How can you better manage your staff through outcomes rather than the time they spend at the desk?
  • How can you set new objectives for the short-term while there is still some uncertainty?
  • What performance measures still work?
  • How can you recognise your team more frequently?
  • How can you bring humour into your team conversations?