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Your 12 supervision, or one to one, meetings are an opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved over the past month. Think of specific examples where you have excelled and where there are areas for improvement.


Watch a guide on reflecting the past month


Where have I excelled over the last month?

Think about highlights, goals achieved, great work, recent accomplishments, good feedback from clients or team members. Focus on two or three key areas.

What areas could be improved from the last month?

Think of specific examples where performance could improve; including goals missed, interpersonal issues, general quality of work. Focus on two or three key areas.




Pick a topic

The conversations you have in your regular supervision meetings can be "follow-up" on conversations from the quarterly conversations, or you may decide to focus your conversation on one of the following areas:


  • Wellbeing
  • How you have demonstrated behaviours from the East Sussex Way 
  • Workload and caseload issues
  • Training and development/CPD
  • Annual Leave/Flexi
  • Feedback




If you are a line manager we encourage you to put your coaching skills into practice and follow the GROW model to develop an action plan with your team member. Take the list of coaching questions with you to the meeting just in case you forget them.

Learn more about the GROW model or book yourself on to a Coaching for managers training course to learn the coaching skills you need. 


Preparing next steps

The last aspect of your supervision should be to prepare for the coming month. The Quad report will help you identify any potential issues that will prevent you achieving your objectives. 

This looks at:

  1. Goals for the next week or month
  2. Potential issues and risks
  3. Outlook for the next week or month
  4. Expected working locations




Quad report

Use this form to plan your next steps for the month.

Example supervision

Download this example of a supervision structure, which includes potential coaching questions.