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Orbis Development Pool

Feedback tells us that people across the Partnership want to have access to more development and progression opportunities and the Development Pool has been set up to provide this.

The Orbis Development Pool provides an opportunity for people looking to develop themselves and their career, to access activities and experiences to support their aspirations.

To help you decide whether or not to express your interest in joining the pool, please take a look at the criteria below and make an honest self-assessment.

If you decide that you want to join the pool, the next stage in the process is to have a development discussion with your line manager and jointly complete the ‘expression of interest’ form.

Consider whether you are …

  1. Keen to develop and learn new skills?
  2. Enthusiastic to learn by taking part in a variety of different experiences?
  3. Open minded and willing to try something new?
  4. Willing to work collaboratively with other people from across the Partnership?
  5. Clear about your specific development needs and how you can meet these?
  6. Willing to commit time to your development?
  7. Looking to ‘stretch’ yourself and work on activity outside of the current scope of your role?

People in the Development Pool will have access to a variety of different activities to support their career and development aspirations:

* The opportunity to apply to work on projects from across the Partnership

* Involvement in focus and working group activities

* Ad-hoc and bespoke development events

* Access to mentors

* Involvement in a peer network

Being part of the Development Pool also means that individual’s career and development aspirations will be more visible to the wider organisational senior leadership teams as they will be discussed as part of regularly scheduled development focused discussions with these groups.

To apply you will need to submit an application form below and have a development conversation with your line manager below:

Orbis Development Pool Expression of Interest form