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Our Apprenticeships For East Sussex County Council Staff

Find out how you can gain a work-based qualification at no extra cost to your or your team.

Apprenticeships are now available to people of all levels of skill and experience. So whether you are taking your first steps into employment, or want to undertake development training to grow your career; there is a qualification for you.

For the Council, our Apprenticeship Programme offers the opportunity to ‘grow our own’ workforce, and to recruit and retain motivated people. For existing staff, it means being able to access training and qualifications at no financial cost to you or your team and with no changes to your employment terms and conditions. For new staff joining the Council it is an opportunity to earn money while you learn.

Council employees can find more information about apprenticeships by visiting ESCC Intranet Page.

We have a wide variety of apprenticeships available to Council employees. For more information on upcoming apprenticeships please visit our course directory

If you have any questions about the Council’s apprenticeships please contact the Apprenticeship Team: apprenticeships@eastsussex.gov.uk. .