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Performance, Development and Behaviours

The Orbis Performance and Development Approach applies to all colleagues that work within the Orbis Partnership.

We want to ensure that you get the most out of your performance and development conversations and so we have created an approach that will ensure that there is a greater focus on you and your development; the focus is on the quality of the conversation and not the supporting paperwork; that you have regular and timely feedback; and that the work that you do is closely aligned to the strategic priorities of Orbis and your sovereign authority. Click the links below and to the left to take you relevant documentation, the majority of which is housed on Orbis Home. 

The Form

The focus is on the approach taken rather than on completing a form. Therefore, we have developed an Orbis Performance and Development Approach template which covers the key areas you could discuss in your conversations. This form should be used for all Orbis employees over any existing sovereign appraisal forms.


  • The EPIC Behaviours are the foundation of Orbis' culture and an integral part of the Orbis Performance and Development Approach.

  • Coaching guides - It is important that the performance and development conversation is owned by you and that your line manager uses a coaching approach during the monthly meetings.

It is important that any objectives are aligned to the strategic priorities outlined for the Partnership.

If you have any questions about the approach, please refer either to the Performance and Development FAQs or contact us at orbis@eastsussex.gov.uk.

Epic Behaviours

We want to create the 'Orbis way of working' to bring together the knowledge and expertise of our staff, coupled with the behaviours and attributres to deliver our vision. Since forming our partnership, we have worked with staff to develop our 'Epic' culture and behaviours to guide the way we work.

You can find more infomration about each of the Epic behaviours by clicking the links to the left, or download the overview below.   


EPIC Behaviour cards

Our EPIC culture focuses on the four key elements of our vision: Expertise, Passion, Innovation and Customer.This culture is underpinned by our EPIC Behaviours.