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For information and resources on Stop Look Care, please click the following link: https://www.brightonandhoveccg.nhs.uk/your-health/stop-look-care 




Carers need a basic awareness of health related conditions and an understanding of why simple aspects of care and daily living are important in keeping a person at their optimum health.

Stop Look Care covers the fundamentals of health care and supports carers to do the following:

  • Understand why different aspects of observation and care are important
  • Supports a carer in what to look for and identify change or deterioration
  • Identify what actions to take should that happen

The course is a presentation of How to use the booklet

Benefits of STOP LOOK CARE
For you - your clients - your place of work

  • Maintaining and improving the health and wellbeing of the people you look after
  • Support you in delivering safe care
  • Support and develop your knowledge of the fundamentals of health care
  • Build your confidence in identifying deterioration in the people you care for
  • Use Stop Look Care language to complete documentation and escalate concerns
  • Support you in care planning

STOP LOOK CARE training session objectives

  • How the Stop Look Care approach and booklet works
  • Why different aspects of observation and care are important
  • How can Stop Look Care help you spot deterioration
  • How to escalate what you are observing using the SBARD tool
  • Gain practical experience of using the Stop Look Care booklet and SBARD tool
  • What to fill in and complete in your Stop Look Care booklet


A Care Worker/Carers Handbook