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Support Packages

Whether you are new to governance or an experienced member of the team our range of annual subscription packages and "pay as you use" services aim to encourage and support:

  • the awareness of and help ensure your governing board are meeting statutory requirements
  • the induction of new governors and clerks to be effective from day one
  • developing the knowledge and confidence of individual volunteers to be "active participants" on your board 
  • developing the knowledge and confidence of clerks to fully support the work of your governing board
  • brokering governor to governor contact to network and share best practice
  • using our time saving tools, templates, resources and information
  • effective succession planning, developing "dynamic leaders" from "active participants"
  • achieving timely self-assessment of the governing board's effectiveness developing the effectiveness of governing board

Support, Information and Development (GS01)

Support package GS01 subscription offers a cost effective way for all governors and the clerk to governors to access professional training, governor and clerk recruitment and induction support and access to information, advice and support on local issues from our dedicated team.

Information and Development (GS02)

Support package GS02 subscription offers a cost effective way for all governors and the clerk to governors to access our professional training programme and provides governor and clerk induction support.

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What if the annual package doesn't meet the needs of our academy structure?

We recognise governance in Multi Academy Trusts will vary depending on locally agreed arrangements and associated schemes of delegation.

We can develop an annual package of support tailored to your particular schemes of delegation and the support required of governors at a local level if our GS01 or GS02 packages do not meet your requirements.

If you would like to create a package that better suites your needs please contact the team



Enjoy membership benefits to the Key for School Governors’ advisory website at Local Authority discounted rates not available when purchasing directly.

The Key provides you with up-to-date, well researched, practical answers to questions on all aspects of general governance that empowers governors to quickly and easily develop their own knowledge by researching or posting questions

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