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We recognise that whilst the legal status and the associated legislation may differ between a maintained school and an academy or free school, governance is governance and the issues and challenges faced remain the same.

The Department for Education’s Governance Handbook, Academies Financial Handbook and Competency Framework for Governance clearly set out the expectations placed on skills and training required for effective challenge and accountability.

Our local experienced and skilled team understand these national expectations and the challenges faced by governors as volunteers.  We remain dedicated to providing governors and their clerk to governors, high quality, professional and timely training and support to assist in meeting the increasing demand for high-quality school Leadership and Management.

Our full range of services are designed to support and develop governors and clerks in meeting their roles and responsibilities at all stages of collectively achieving effective school governance.

► Support Packages

Your local Governor and Clerking Service team understand the national expectations and the challenges faced by governors as volunteers in meeting them and provide services designed to:

  • Support professional development 
  • Develop effective governance
  • Support succession planning
  • Save governors and clerks time

► Training and Development Services

Governor and clerk training programme

Locally delivered induction and further development courses provide networking opportunities and access to the local interpretation of both national legislation and generic on-line training. A schedule of training courses to develop the essential skills and knowledge of new governors, existing governors and clerks, ensuring participation in governance at all levels.

► Governance Reviews

"Monitoring a boards effectiveness is a key element of good governance. The board needs to assess its effectiveness and efficiency and ensure ongoing compliance with its statutory and legal duties under review. Individuals should also reflect on their own contribution helping to create a stronger and more motivated board."

The DfE Competency Framework for Governance  - Section 6 Evaluation  

The Governor and Clerking Service have developed tools and support sessions to enable governing boards to consider and review their effectiveness and help develop action plans for improvement.

►Governors Online

National and local newsfeeds and online booking management for training courses. Governors Online is the online system, brought to you by the East Sussex Governor and Clerking Service that will help schools keep track of their governing board's information in an efficient and timely manner, such as governor types, positions, terms of office and training.

►Governor Led Support

We are committed to supporting governors in achieving the shared goal of outstanding education for all children in East Sussex and believe by working together we can build on and strengthen existing governor led partnerships to further develop outstanding governance in the future. 

►Locum Clerk Support

Governor and Clerking Services (GCS) provide locum clerk cover, at the request of Governing Boards (GB), for schools where they have a vacant position or the clerk is unable to attend a meeting

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