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Topics for Discussion


Maximising Performance conversations should include progress made over the past month and how work has been approached. Recognising how the behaviours in the East Sussex Way have been exemplified.  It’s also an opportunity to collaboratively set goals and objectives to steer your future work outcomes.


Maximising Performance conversations are not just about performance. It’s important to understand how goals and objectives fit within the overall objectives of the service area, taking time to discuss this at the start of the financial year is part of the golden thread conversation. The golden thread helps team members understand how their work contributes to the team, the service, the department, and the Council’s priorities.   


It’s important to take time to focus on what skills and development are needed to meet the outcomes and how those skills fit with career aspirations. This conversation should be an ongoing discussion and managers are encouraged to use coaching skills to create an environment for reflection on what individuals have learnt. 


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