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Training Pathways

The documents below show the range of training and development opportunities currently available within the training pathways. Documents showing pathways for each topic are available as separate attachments.  Information about the aims and learning objectives, as well as target audience for our courses can be found on the East Sussex Learning Portal. Click on the Training & Development link above to access the Portal. 


ASC Training Pathways

This document shows all training pathways, and the range of training and development opportunities currently available for those pathways.

Autism Pathway

Pathway of Autism training

Care Act pathway

Pathway of Care Act training

Communication training pathway

Pathway of Communication training

Dementia pathway

Pathway of Dementia training

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) pathway

Pathway of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) training

Domestic Abuse pathway

Pathway of Domestic Abuse training

End of Life Care pathway

Pathway of End of Life Care training

Falls Prevention pathway

Pathway of Falls Prevention training

Learning Disability pathway

Pathway of Learning Disability training

Medication/Medicines pathway

Pathway of Medication/Medicines training

Mental Health pathway

Pathway of Mental Health training

Moving & Handling pathway

Pathway of Moving & Handling training

Prevention & Reablement pathway

Pathway of Prevention & Reablement training

Resilience pathway

Pathway of Resilience training

Safeguarding pathway

Pathway of Safeguarding training

Daily Living Equipment pathway

Pathway of Daily Living Equipment training

TECS Telecare & Telehealth Pathway

Pathway of TECS Telecare & Telehealth training

Motivational Interviewing pathway

Pathway of Motivational Interviewing training

Mental Capacity Act Pathway

Pathway of Mental Capacity Act training