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Governor and clerk training programme

Locally delivered induction and further development courses provide networking opportunities and access to the local interpretation of both national legislation and generic on-line training. A schedule of training courses to develop the essential skills and knowledge of new governors, existing governors and clerks, ensuring participation in governance at all levels.

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Online Training  - National Governors Association Learning Link

Enjoy membership benefits to The National Governors’ Association (NGA) Learning Link online training website at Local Authority discounted rates not available when purchasing directly.

The NGA, working with one of the UK’s top e-learning companies, Virtual College, have launched Learning Link that provides users with access to over fifty modules curated by NGA’s expert team of policy and information specialists.

Modules are comprehensive and cover a range of governance-related topics including: strategy, team work, assessment, staffing, financial oversight, elements of effective governance, compliance and collaboration to name a few.

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