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Early Years Link Governor

Why have an Early Years Link Governor?

The early years spans the period from birth to 5 and has a separate judgement within an Ofsted inspection. As with other link governors, it would be useful to have a link governor to:

  • Champion the early years within the school

  • Provide information to governors

  • Talk confidently about early years practice and approach

  • Liaise with the headteacher and assessment manager

  • Raise the profile of the early years with parents

  • Contribute to audits and report

Role Description: Early Years Link Governor

The Early Years Link governor will:

  • Promote the principles that underpin the early years foundation stage framework.

  • Understand the principles that underpin early years pedagogy

  • Be aware of the relevant statutory documents and guidance.

  • Understand the importance of a child-centred learning approach

  • Ensure the curriculum promotes the development of the characteristics of effective learning.

  • Ensure that Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) issues remain high on the school’s agenda

  • Discuss the liaison between feeder nurseries into school and the transition between EYFS and year 1

  • Ensure that the environment is enabling and appropriate

  • To understand and support with analysis of EYFS data

  • Attend or complete online training as appropriate

  • Work with senior leaders to ensure early years staff have sufficient resources and training

  • Understand how progress is monitored and recorded

  • Carry out monitoring visits

Tools to support the work of the Early Years Link Governor

►Further information and guidance regarding Early Years support


►See below for a link governor checklist



What to look for in an Early Years enviroment

Checklist for Early Years Link Governors to use.