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Progress and Continuing Professional Development

Progress is East Sussex’ continuing professional development pathway for social work professionals including managers. It describes opportunities and expectations for Social Workers working in Children’s Services as they move through their careers.

Progress enables Social Workers to:

  • Build on existing and develop new knowledge and skills required for a strengths based approach, underpinned by the Professional Capability Framework (PCF) and Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS)
  • Understand and work towards requirements for pay and progression, social work registration and further accreditation
  • Navigate your own individual career path through a range of supporting and enriching opportunities.

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Continuing Professional Development Modules for Social Workers

For more information on the Modules available for the 20/21 Academic year and how to apply please click here


On 2 December, Social Work England fully takes over regulatory duties from HCPC and all registration details will be transferred over to Social Work England. 

What you need to know

The significant change is that from after this date all training and development has to be recorded online with Social Work England and this will be required to maintain your registration.

Social Work England will provide a basic template to record this activity – it will only be very brief – and there will be an expectation that something will need to be uploaded to evidence learning (anonymised feedback etc).  SWE will remind practitioners after a period of a few months if nothing is uploaded.  However, the first 12 months will be only light touch as Social Work England provides clearer guidance about what is needed for registration in the future (September 2020).

What you need to do

Make sure your HCPC account details are up to date and this will automatically get transferred to SWE on 2nd December!

What happens on 2nd Dec?

From 2nd December, Social Work England will email all social workers with a link and instructions to set up their new online account. They will need to change their login details, but all their information will be already loaded. This account will enable social workers to:

  • View their registration details
  • Update their personal information
  • Upload CPD
  • Communicate securely with Social Work England.


  • Registration will be annual
  • The cost will be the same paid annually at £90 or by instalments
  • You will still need to maintain registration by demonstrating CPD and Fitness for practice.

Fitness to practice

If issues arise related to your practice due to poor practice, health or criminal convictions the SWE will investigate BUT they will:

  • be proportional / have a gentler collaborative approach
  • initially triage at a local level and only serious cases will go to a national level
  • provide a case worker and social worker advisor at every stage of the case.


  • CPD activities will be recorded in your online account
  • You will be encouraged by SWE to update regularly
  • CPD activities can be varied and you will be able to upload documents/files as evidence plus a short reflective account
  • accounts must be up to date as you cannot update retrospectively.