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Developing Partnering Excellence - Training Programme

The central role of the Orbis Partnership is to add value and provide the best possible service to our Customers across the three Partner authorities.

We need to ensure that we have effective relationships with all colleagues and customers and that we work with them to develop innovative and effective solutions to the challenges that they face.

The Developing Partnering Excellence programme has been developed to equip colleagues with tools and techniques to work effectively in the complex partnership environment and to build ‘Partnering’ skills.

The course is intended to take place over four half days, each a couple of weeks apart, however we are also developing a ‘virtual version’ of the programme to ensure that we can continue to run the programme in light of Covid-19 restrictions. The programme will focus on:

  • How to build and manage meaningful, effective and trusting relationships with multiple stakeholders
  • How to see things from the Customer’s perspective and to understand their needs and the organisational context that they are operating within
  • Developing tools that will enable you to flex and adapt your personal style and approach dependent on the situation or the stakeholder
  • Equipping participants to effectively support and challenge the Customer to develop a solution that adds value
  • Collaborating with customers and colleagues to deliver solutions and how to effectively implement them
  • Managing difficult conversations and engaging with stakeholders effectively

This isn’t a customer service course – it’s a programme that will be most effective for colleagues who:

  • Work with a range of customers to deliver a variety of different business solutions that will differ dependent on the needs of the customer and the challenge that they are dealing with;
  • Need to make a positive impact with key stakeholders;
  • Need to build medium to long term relationships with customers and work with them on an ongoing basis; 
  • Support customers to deliver projects and business solutions.

Before booking yourself on to the programme, we ask that you consider the course criteria above and discuss your attendance with your line manager. If you both agree that this programme appropriately supports your development needs and you can commit to all dates for the Programme that you book on to, you can go ahead and make the booking. We use Eventbrite for event bookings, click the links below to book.


Module One

Module Two

Module Three

Module Four

Review Session

Cohort One

23/9/20 – 9.00-12.30

8/10/20 – 13.00-16.30  

14/10/20 – 9.00-12.30  

21/10/20 – 13.00-16.30

11/11/20 – 13.00-14.30

Cohort Two

23/9/20 – 13.00-16.30

8/10/20 – 9.00  

14/10/20 – 13.00-16.30  

21/10/20 – 9.00-12.30

11/11/20 – 13.00-14.30

Cohort Three

3/11/20 – 9.00-12.30

24/11/20 – 13.00-16.30

14/01/21 – 9.00-12.30

28/01/21 – 13.00-16.30

17/02/21 – 13.00-14.30

Cohort Four

3/11/20 – 13.00-16.30

24/11/20 – 9.00-12.30

14/01/21 – 13.00-16.30

28/01/21 – 9.00-12.30

17/02/21 – 13.00-14.30


Once you have booked on to the programme you and your line manager will both receive a confirmation email and further details.

This really is a great development opportunity, but don't just take our word for it - watch the below short video to hear from previous participants on what they got out of the course and why you should consider signing up.