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The East Sussex Leadership and Management Capability Framework outlines the core expectations of leaders and managers at East Sussex County Council. It is designed to be used by you to assess and develop your own leadership capabilities and the capabilities of the managers in your teams.

Leadership capability is a key requirement for the effectiveness of all organisations. In the public services you are expected to provide leadership beyond service boundaries for the benefit of the citizens we serve. In the current context all 21st century public servants must view their service through the eyes of their customer or service user and support their needs to be met beyond these service boundaries. This requires different roles and an extended set of skills.

Why we need leadership capabilities

The next few years will see a fundamental and permanent change to the way the Council operates. While the overall size of the public sector is reducing, our responsibilities are likely to expand as powers are devolved from Central Government to council partnerships. Service demand will also increase, particularly for social care and health services, at the same time local authorities will be expected to raise all funding locally through council tax and business rates. The Council is committed to responding with strong leadership and staying focused on our priority outcomes, using them to guide our partnership working, direct our resources and actions, and set Council Plan targets.

Our Council Plan sets out what we are aiming to achieve against our four strategic priorities. The East Sussex Way defines the key behaviours expected of all Council staff and these underpin all the capabilities required of leaders while adding the additional challenge to create the right environment and provide the necessary support to foster these behaviours.

Click on the links below to learn more about the leadership capabilities and to find online courses or training that will help you build your skills and become the leader we need to meet our new responsibilities.


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Leadership and management capabilities framework

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