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Maximising performance


Maximising Performance is the process we follow for supervision and appraisal of staff at East Sussex County Council. Your 4-6 weekly supervision or one to one meetings will follow the Maximising Performance method.


We take a developmental approach to performance management, with an emphasis on creating an ongoing conversation between the line manager and team members.   


Maximising Performance is an opportunity to provide constructive feedback, for recognition and to use coaching approaches to agree areas that may need improvement or to initiate change.  It is also an opportunity to establish agreement of expectations and clarify any misunderstandings.


The Maximising Performance form will help to frame your conversation each time you meet, and to keep a record of what you have agreed.


You will get the most from each meeting by preparing in advance. It is recommended that you read the Council Plan so you understand how your objectives help to deliver against the East Sussex County Council objectives. 


We have lots of resources to help you through the process including forms, videos, and coaching questions line managers can use to open up the conversations. Find them on the following pages and in the Maximising Performance eLearning module


Reminder: Have you updated your annual conflict of interest declaration?  Please remind your team members to update their declaration.


Resources to download

1. Maximising Performance Form: To record your supervision/1:1 meetings.  Acts as a reminder on the Maximising Performance topics.

2. Maximising Performance Resource Pack: This pack contains resources which can be used to support Maximising Performance conversations. They have been designed to be used by either the member of staff or line manager in preparing for Maximising Performance meetings.

3. Maximising Performance eLearning Work Book: Download this work book before you start the Maximising Performance eLearning.

4. Maximising Performance Coaching Questions: Example questions to support conversations.


Maximising Performance Form

Download this form for your next meeting.

Maximising Performance eLearning Work Book

Download this work book before you start the Maximising Performance eLearning.

Maximising Performance Coaching Questions

Useful coaching questions for working with team members and colleagues.

Maximising Performance Resource Pack

Resources to support your Maximising Performance conversations.