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CPD Modules and Awards for Qualified and Practising Social Workers, and other registered professionals

University of Brighton Continuing Professional Development Modules and CPD Awards for practising Social Workers

See individual Module Descriptions for more detail about each module.


Please note the AMHP and BIA/DoLS modules are also open to all registered professionals including OTs and Nurses. Please contact Lynda Casey for more information.


Applications must be made via the attached application form and returned to the SocialWorkEducationTeam@eastsussex.gov.uk N.B. Application forms for AMHP and DoLS modules are to be emailed to



For more informtion about the modules please email the relevant contact:

Social Work Modules: Rachel Moran rachel.moran@eastsussex.gov.uk Closing date 4 September 2017


PEPS 1 & 2: Colin Dinnie colin.dinnie@eastsussex.gov.uk Closing date 4 September 2017


AMHP and DoLS: Contact Lynda Casey for dates of next courses, and send completed application forms to lynda.casey@eastsussex.gov.uk


ASYE (Adults): Social Work Education Team by 2 March 2018 Socialworkeducationteam@eastsussex.gov.uk








CPD modules for qualified and practising social workers and other registered professionals 2017/18 - UPDATED

A brief overview of all CPD modules for the academic year 2017-2018 offered via the University of Brighton - Updated August 2017