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Working with others

The capabilities that the Council seeks in its leaders when working with others are:


Taking the courses outlined in this section will help improve your ability to manage resources efficiently.

Online Learning

Online modules that will develop your skills within this capability:

Training Courses


Training courses that will develop your skills within this capability:


Find out more about the expected behaviours associated with  coaching and reflective supervisionmanaging a teampolitical awarenesscollaboration, and communication, and other ways you can develop your skills.



As a line manager you we encourage you to apply your coaching skills in your one to one supervision meetings with your team members. Members of your team may even ask you to coach them. Find out more in Coaching as a line manager.

If you are having specific challenges on a project or work issue you may also find it helpful to talk to one of our qualified coaches. Find out more about How coaching can help you.

Coaching should not be seen as an alternative way of managing poor performance in team members. Holding regular supervision sessions in line with Maxmising performance will help to address problems you may be experiencing with poor performance.